A Beginners Plan for Fitness

The path to fitness is often paved with obstacles and challenges that require us to get past to move forward. If you are a beginner, then finding a plan for fitness may seem even more daunting. However, if you remember three simple things, the process will be that much easier for you to conquer.

When designing your own plan for fitness, start slow, build gradually, and remember to mix it up. Begin by making small changes to your routine and then try to incorporate at least 150 minutes of exercise per week.

To introduce small lifestyle changes, you should consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and don’t be afraid to park a little further away so you can get some walking done.

Next, you will want to set some realistic goals for yourself and find the motivation to continue to work hard at achieving these goals. After you are used to the 150 minutes of exercise per week, you should then set a goal to try to double that time for an upcoming week. Scheduling your first six weeks can help establish a good beginners plan for fitness. Each week your workout should consist of cardio, strength training, flexibility and core workouts; each week these workouts should be more frequent and gradually gain in intensity.

As you begin your fitness plan, you will start out slowly and progress gradually. Build the activity into your routine so you can start improving your range of motion, strength, and endurance. You will also start to adopt healthier habits and make smarter food choices in the process.

Finally, remember to mix things up a bit. Keep some spontaneity in your fitness plan so as not to grow bored or have it become too routine. You want to find new and exciting ways to keep yourself motivated to reach your desired results and achieve a healthier you.